Xiu Xiu @ Bottom of the Hill, Monday 4/23

It’s pretty hard for me to admit to being anything less than totally thrilled and fulfilled by a xiu xiu show, because I basically love them unconditionally and want to firmly believe that everything they do is just right, just as it is. All that said, I was disappointed. Most of what they played left me kind of cold and struck me as a little self-indulgent. I have a reasonable tolerance for noise and ‘challenging’ music, but I also want to have fun and hear some things that are danceable when I go to a show. I like pop music, and for all the shrieking and drones, I’m pretty sure that’s what xiu xiu is. If I like something, it must be pop. Right? Right.

The undisputed highlight for me, and, it seemed, most other people there, was their cover of Ceremony. Their version is more exciting than the original New Order, and the live performance was way more exciting than the recording on the Chapel of the Chimes EP (which is available here, from Absolutely Kosher, for anyone who might be interested). It made me want to dance my ass off, for reals. They could have just played that for a full hour and I would have enjoyed it.

So Xiu Xiu, girl, you know we’ve been together such a long long time. I love you, you know I do. I don’t mind if you change, I just don’t want to see you throw away the things that made me love you in the first place. Like dance music influences.

In upcoming show news, we’re seeing Jarvis Cocker tonight at the Fillmore, and Acid Mothers Temple are playing at the Bottom of the Hill on May 12. We don’t have tickets for that yet, but we will.

What, if any, drugs to you use before seeing AMT?

I don’t go to enough shows.


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